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0605440 Arab Agriculture and Food Security
Course Description :


The Arab agriculture, land and water resources, land use and the production pattern in the Arab countries, agricultural policies, the share of agriculture in GDP and employment and the development of their relative importance. Describe and analyze interdependencies between the Arab agriculture and integration in economic development, the Arab free trade area, and intra-Arab agricultural trade, total and agricultural trade balance and food gap in Arab countries.  Strategic components and approaches of food security, policies and tools of nutrition and food security, integrated food plan, food balance sheet, principles of food self-reliance, global food security, food security in the Arab countries and in Jordan.

Department :Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
Program :Bachelor in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
Course Level :Bachelor
Course Outline :
الزراعة العربية والامن الغذائي (0635440) ILO's.doc