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  School of Agriculture - Department of Horticulture and Crop Science

Department Strategy


To continue and improve in a tradition of high quality education service to Jordanian, regional and international agriculture, and to integrate new demanding areas.


To educate students and interact with producers associated industries, professional groups and society through a distinctive curriculum and a dynamic research activity.


1. Preparing scientifically qualified staff to meet the needs of the market in the field of plant production and agricultural technologies, in what is modern and in line with global developments in the agricultural field.
2. Developing varieties that have the ability to produce in limited agricultural lands and sources of irrigation and the climatic variables prevailing in the region.
3. Reaching the world (represented by the vision of the university) to make the department a center of attraction for students in various disciplines.
4. Create a database for graduates and the labor market.
5. Solve problems facing the agricultural sector through research, research projects, and the participation of graduate students.