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  School of Agriculture - Department of Land Water and Environment

0604103 Irrigation Principle
Principles of Irrigation (604103) ILO's.docx    
0604222 Environmental Soil Physics
Environmental Soil Physics (604222) ILO's.docx    
0604431 Environmental Monitoring and Control
Environmental Monitoring and control 634431.doc    
0634230 Meteorology
AgriMeteorology 634230.docx    
0634320 Soil Genesis and Classification
Soil Genesis and Classification (0634320) ILO's.docx    
0634330 Environmental Information Systems
0634330 Environmental Information Systems .doc    
0634422 Soil Reclamation
Soil Reclamation (634422) ILO's.doc    
0644211 Applied Hydraulics
Applied Hydraulics (0644211) ILO's.doc    
0644312 Farm Irrigation Management
Farm Irrigation Management (644312) ILO's.docx    
0644421 Preservation of Soil Environment
Preservation of Soil Environment 0644421-BSc-Syllabus 2023.docx    
0654323 Soil Survey and Land use
Soil Survey and Land Use (0654323) ILO's.docx    
0664313 Drainage Science Principles
Landscape Irrigation and drainage Systems (604314) ILO's.doc    
0601705 Crop Physiology Not Upload
0604702 Nutrients Management Course Not Upload
0604704 Irrigation Science Theory
Irrigation theory 604721.doc    
0604706 Environmental Impact Assessment
Environmental Impact Assessment 634731.docx    
0604708 Remote sensing
Remote Sensing 604708.doc    
0604710 Environmental Soil Microbiology
Environmental Soil Microbiology 654733.doc    
0605743 Environmental Economics Not Upload
0901762 Design of Hydraulic Structures Not Upload
0601946 Plant biophysics Not Upload
0604902 Land Use Planning Not Upload
0604904 Soil – Plant Water Relationship Not Upload
0604906 Soil Biochemistry Not Upload
0604908 Agricultural land Drainage Not Upload
0604910 Remote sensing applications
Remote Sensing Applications 0604910.doc    
0604913 Plant Nutrition
Plant Nutrition 0634913.doc    
0604920 Research Methods
Research Methodology (0604920) .doc