The Plant production and Protection was established in 1973. In 1980 a separate Plant Protection department was established.   
The faculty members, research assistants, and graduate students are investigating basic and applied aspects of entomology, bacteriology, mycology, virology, nematology, and weed sciences. The Department has successfully merged traditional systemic research approach with many new cellular and molecular approaches to research.  In addition, The faculty members developed strong research collaborations with other departments in the University of Jordan and other international universities and institutes.
The  outstanding faculty members, high quality facilities that include greenhouses, apiary, well-equipped labs, and the thousands specimen in the insect museum, make this department an excellent place to study, conduct research and prepare students  for a career in academia, industry, or  government services.   In addition, the faculty members deliver highly specialized and excellent services to farmers, companies, and individuals.
As a department, it supports their graduate students in the highest quality research and strongly encourage them   publish in national and international journals.  The department is proud of the accomplishments of its students.  Many of the graduated students have become world recognized scientists and research leaders at governmental and private labs, as well as holding other prestigious and administrative positions in Jordan and throughout the world. 

School of Agriculture
Department of Plant Protection


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