Bachelor in Animal Production
Program Description :Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs)/BSc Program: After the successful completion of this program students should be able to: 1. Demonstrate a depth of understanding of different disciplines within animal production such as nutrition, physiology, management, breeding, animal health, and animal biotechnology, and apply this acquired knowledge under commercial and field conditions. 2. Develop research skills and demonstrate knowledge of research methodologies and how to use refereed journals. 3. Implement basic agricultural concepts acquired when working in public and/or private sector, research institutions, multinational corporations, and regional and international agricultural entities. 4. Utilize critical thinking to analyze and tackle problems encountered when working in the livestock industry, and formulate strategies and working plans to solve these problems and improve efficiency and production of farm animals. 5. Develop an understanding of laws, regulations, and statues governing animal production in Jordan, by graduates employed in the public sector, in order to provide impetus to improve them. 6. Discuss and interact with stakeholders such as livestock producers and investors at a local level to provide the appropriate extension services. 7. Articulate ideas and enhance communication skills especially those that promote collaborative problem-solving, mutual understanding, and team work. 8. Identify and assess individual values, knowledge, skills, and abilities in order to set forth and achieve lifelong personal, educational, and professional goals. 9. Practice decision-making that builds self-awareness, fosters self-reliance, and nourishes physical, mental, and social health. 10. Apply skills of cooperation, collaboration, negotiation, and group decision-making through practical training and workshops. 11. Exhibit leadership capabilities, quality judgment, dependability, and accountability while maintaining flexibility in an ever-changing world.
Program Type :Undergraduate
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Program Department :Animal Production