Bachelor in Land, Water and Environment
Program Description :Department of Land, Water and Environment ILOs of the BSc Program It is expected from the students after graduating from the BSc program to: 1. Show deep understanding and knowledge pertinent to land, water and environment. 2. Commit to the rights and duties and apply the ethical rules and conduct of the profession and mastered the methods of verbal processing and communication skills necessary for his future carrier. 3. Employ the gained knowledge to evaluate land properties and its suitability of various agricultural uses. 4. Discuss and propose solutions to the fundamental problems of the sectors of water, land and environment. 5. Apply and implement the acquired skills for the analysis of soil and water and to assess their quality. 6. Apply scientific methods to determine water requirements for agricultural crops and to design appropriate irrigation methods that serves the objective of water management. 7. Apply appropriate solutions to optimize the use of water and land and to ensure the sustainability of the resource and the environment. 8. Develop and evaluate appropriate solutions to water scarcity caused by climate change and desertification. 9. Apply scientific research methods to find solutions to agricultural problems and uses communication skills to transfer technology and results of scientific research.
Program Type :Undergraduate
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Program Department :Land Water and Environment