Master in Land Water and Environment (Thesis Track)
Program Description :Department of Land, Water and Environment ILOs of the MSc Program At the completing the MSc program, student should be to: 1. Possess the comprehensive knowledge in the areas of land, water and the environment 2. Apply the methods of scientific research needed to assess and find solutions to the problems of land, water and environment. 3. Implement the scientific and standard methods of sampling and analysis of soil and plant needed for evaluating soil fertility and quality. 4. Develop the technical means and models needed to study the issues related to the agricultural environment, water and models. 5. Apply scientific and research-based techniques needed to solve environmental and agricultural problems. 6. Write scientific research proposals and journal articles that address problems of land, water and environment. 7. Participate effectively in community service through the possession of scientific research and skills needed to solve agricultural and environmental problems. 8. Possess the adequacy of self-assessment and to take responsibility, with a commitment to the ethics of research and carrier.
Program Type :Postgraduate
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Program Department :Land Water and Environment