Bachelor in Food science and Technology
Program Description :After completing the B.Sc. program in Food Science and Technology, the graduate should be able to: 1- Critically analyze the interaction of food science and technology with a wide range of other scientific disciplines and assess the contribution of each discipline to the resolution of multidisciplinary problems 2- Interpret, explain and use major aspects of terminology, nomenclature and classification systems associated with food science and engineering 3- Evaluate and critically analyze different aspects of food science, and their influence on food processing, demonstrate an understanding of the applicability of science, nutrition and food technology careers and manage future professional development 4-Demonstrate intellectual flexibility in identifying and defining complex problems and the application of appropriate knowledge, tools/methods to their solution 5- Plan, design, cost and execute experiments using a wide range of analytical instrumentation and techniques, qualitative and quantitative, appropriate to food science, nutrition and food technology experimentation and practice 6- Handle biological materials, chemicals, and food safely taking into account their physical, chemical and biological properties including any specific hazards associated with their use, and conduct risks assessment 7- Develop arguments involving moral and ethical issues associated with food science, nutrition and food technology, and use ethical standards and professional codes of conduct , and recognize the environmental and sustainability issues associated with food production. 8- Plan, manage and evaluate strategies for updating, maintaining and enhancing knowledge and skills set associated with the food industry and recognize how this relates to other areas of personal development 9- Carry out sample selection; record or analyze data in the field and/or laboratory; ensure validity; accuracy, calibration, precision, replicability and evaluate uncertainty during collection 10- Prepare, process, interpret, appraise and present data, using appropriate qualitative and quantitative techniques, statistical programs, spreadsheets and programs for presenting data visually.
Program Type :Undergraduate
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Program Department :Nutrition and Food Technology