Master in Human Nutrition and Dietetics
Program Description :After completing the M.Sc. program in Nutrition and Dietetics, the graduate should be able to: 1- Demonstrate a critical approach to the science of human nutrition and dietetics and a capacity for independent evaluation of research. 2- Demonstrate consistent professional behavior in accordance with the legal and ethical boundaries of the dietetic profession 3- Apply evidence-based nutrition information to solve practical problems among diverse populations and geographic settings and apply advanced and integrated knowledge of nutrition and health to nutrition related health problems. 4- Select and develop appropriate modes of communication to obtain and share evidence based nutrition knowledge, and appropriate technologies to analyze and synthesize complex nutrition information and problems, and to interpret and share knowledge, skills and ideas. 5- Critically analyze, reflect on and synthesize complex information and problems in nutrition, to come to well-reasoned conclusions. 6- Apply best practice and evidence to identify problems and generate and evaluate practical solutions to complex nutrition issues. 7- Develop, implement, and evaluate nutrition programs at the community, national, and global levels using interdisciplinary approaches 8- Integrate nutrition fundamentals into the treatment and prevention of chronic disease 9- Discuss and appraise the way public health strategies evolve and nutritional guidelines are developed and identify the key nutrition concepts for developing food-based dietary guidelines 10- Employ high level personal responsibility, accountability and autonomy to demonstrate expert judgement, adaptability to new situations, effective work practices, and responsibility as a nutritionist. 11- Select, develop and validate, appropriate study methods to evaluate the nutritional status of a population and to assess the relationship between diet and disease/health outcomes 12- Present a critical in depth review of a specialized area of the literature in the format of a review article to a peer reviewed journal, analyze and apply research methods within a variety of nutrition studies and settings and generate new knowledge through research in nutrition
Program Type :Postgraduate
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Program Department :Nutrition and Food Technology