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Program Specifications

Bachelor in Land, Water and Environment / Program Intended Learning Outcomes

The student is expected to be able to:

  1. Demonstrate comprehensive understanding of the scientific and theoretical knowledge of land, water and environment.
  2. Contribute to agricultural development, as well as  food and water security.
  3. Demonstrate problem solving skills and well developed linguistic and communication skills while upholding professional ethics
  4. Access land characteristics and their suitability for different agricultural uses.
  5. Tackle basic problems of water, land and agricultural environment.
  6. Analyse and interpret soil and water quality parameters.
  7. Use sound scientific principles for the determination of  crop water requirement,  and design of irrigation systems for the proper  management of agricultural water.
  8. Determine the optimal use of water and land to ensure the sustainability of resources and the environment.
  9. Develop​ innovative solution for tackling the adverse effects of water scarcity caused by climate change and desertification​