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Program Specifications

Master in Land Water and Environment (Thesis Track) / Program Details

Program Title:

Master in Land, Water and Environment

Program Code:


Level of Study:

Graduate Level

Final Qualification:

M.Sc. degree




Land, Water and Environment

Other Department(s) involved in teaching the program:

Horticulture and Crop Science

Mode of Attendance) e.g., full time):

Full time

Duration of the Program:

6 semesters

Credit hours/ contact hours:

33 hrs

Language of Instruction:


Entrance Requirements:


First: General terms and conditions:

1. The plan is consistent with the instructions of the graduate programs in force.

2. Admissions that can be accepted:

- First priority: Bachelor of Plant Production

- Second priority: Bachelor of Horticulture and Crop science

- Third priority: Bachelor in any branch of agriculture

Second: Special conditions: None

Third: The materials of this plan consists of (33) credit hours

Program regulations:

The program adopts instruction and evaluation instructions used at the University of Jordan, where attendance is required to attend lectures and to submit semi-final and final examinations. In addition, the duties, research and working papers are presented according to the proposed timetable for each course and by the instructor.

The program is compatible with the university calendar for postgraduate students at the University of Jordan. Students' affairs are monitored through the Graduate Studies Committee of the Department, and recommendations and decisions are taken and submitted to the Graduate School.

The Graduate Studies Committee in the Department holds periodic meetings and makes recommendations and decisions and submits them to the Deanship of the College, which in turn will submit them to the College of Graduate Studies and the General Registrar of the College of Graduate Studies. Admission of students in the program is in accordance with the provisions and conditions of admission to the University of Jordan in the graduate programs. The department will provide remedial materials, with a maximum of 9 hours, for admissions from specialties outside the department and the college.


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No. and date of national accreditation of the program


Date of approval by the Ministry of Higher Education:


Date of Production:


Date of Revision:


Program Director:

Dr. Michel Rahbeh- 22444-