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Program Specifications

Bachelor in Food science and Technology / Program Intended Learning Outcomes

At the successful completion of Bachelor Program of Food Science and Technology the student should be able to:

1.     Analyse the interaction of food science and technology with a wide range of other scientific fields and assess the contribution of each field to the resolution of multidisciplinary problems.

2.     Explain the major aspects of terminology to formulate and design systems, processes, and/or procedures related to food science and technology.

3.     Analyse and evaluate different aspects of food science and their influence on food processing, and understand and demonstrate the applicability of science, nutrition, and food technology careers to manage future professional development.

4.     Utilize and apply concepts, theories, basic mathematical, and scientific skills and techniques to solve complex problems related to food science and technology.

5.     Examine, evaluate, and design experiments using analytical instrumentation and test hypotheses to analyze and interpret data to draw scientific conclusions and judgments.

6.     Analyze biological, chemical, and physical hazards associated with food science and technology and conduct risk assessment analysis.

7.     Present arguments involving morals, adopt standard ethical codes of conduct and recognize the influence on economics and sustainable environmental concerns related to food science and technology.

8.     Communicate and interact effectively with a diverse audience by designing strategies to enhance knowledge and skills.

9.     Function effectively, individually or within groups, in planning tasks, achieving objectives, and meeting deadlines to ensure validity, accuracy, precision, replicability, and to evaluate uncertainty.     

10.   Utilize and apply basic research methods and data processing, using appropriate tools and techniques to analyse and present data visually.