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Program Specifications

Master in Biotechnology / Program Intended Learning Outcomes

1.    Develop plans to solve problems related to the subject of biotechnologies in a scientific and practical way using advanced devices.
2.    Write and execute the research projects and special technical reports professionally in the areas of biotechnology.
3.    Develop and design programs and guidance in the field of biotechnology to serve those interested in this sector.
4.    Manage production projects at agricultural companies and institutions dealing with biotechnology.
5.    Application of biotechnological research recommendations and findings in different work locations.
6.    Demonstrate a deep understanding of quality standards and applies them in production projects and agricultural companies and institutions working in the field of biotechnology.
7.    Develop thoughtful, clear, and consistent perspectives on ethical issues and applied the general safety rules.
8.    Commit to sustainable learning and seeks to generate new knowledge in his specialty.