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Program Specifications

Bachelor in Landscaping and Floriculture Program / Program Intended Learning Outcomes

1- Demonstrate a deep understanding of basic agricultural information and practical skills and employing these concepts efficiently in different work locations.
2 - Apply modern concepts of agricultural systems in landscape and gardening.
3 - Prepare and manage plants precisely.
4 - Improve and develop new landscape and gardening plants.
5 - Apply modern mechanization techniques and employ it in agricultural gardening sector.
6 - Analyze and present solutions for related problems in the production process.
7 - Develop thoughtful, clear, and consistent perspectives on ethical issues with minimal damage to environment.
8 - Communicate and work efficiently with gardens owners, investors and agricultural institutions at the local, regional and international levels.
9 - Employ creative ideas and use production programs that fit the prevailing conditions and meet the needs of the local, regional and international markets.
10 - Apply concepts of research to select, manage and improve plants and their products.
11 - Commit to sustainable learning and critical thinking.