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Program Specifications

PhD in Animal Production / Program Intended Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of degree program requirements, student are expected to be able to achieve the following:

1. Develop and evaluate animal production and management systems by integrating knowledge of animal genetic, nutrition and reproduction.

2. Advanced knowledge and understanding of the animal production specific fields.

3. The ability to increase the connectivity between the cognitive sciences to increase the understanding of the various vital processes associated with animal's body, which affect directly and indirectly on the productivity.

4. Collection, analysis and draw conclusions from data on scientific research.

5. Evaluate animal production projects, spot the improper conditions and provide solutions to the arising problems.

6. Apply the proper conditions needed for the basic concepts of safety and quality management regarding animal products.

7. Apply scientific and quantitative research to solve real-world challenges.

8. Develop detailed understanding regarding to the management and production of farm animals.

9. Investigate conditions, techniques, and technologies required to enhance the productivity of farm animals and quality of their products.

10. The ability to improve the conditions of animal productivity within our local environment.

11. Development of feed industries to commensurate with the increase in the size, requirements and challenges of this sector.  

12. Establish high quality research projects related to different aspects of animal production.

13. Scientific publishing in international journals.

14. Contribute to the teaching of animal production materials in universities and scientific institutes .​