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  • 29 - May
  • 2024

A Field Trip for Students of Animal Production to "Alyoum" and "Maurice Naber" Dairy Farms

​Under the organization and supervision of Prof. Mufeed Alnimer, the students of "dairy cattle management" course in the Department of Animal Production had visited two dairy farms in Al-Hallabat and Dhulail area in Zarqa.

The first visit was to "Alyoum" Dairy farms in Al-Hallabat, one of the biggest dairy farming enterprize in Jordan which have about 4000 dairy heads. The farm manager; Emad Baker; welcomed the students and gave them a detailed explanation to them about the farm buildings and sections in addition to the different procedures the farm follows to manage the dairy herd as well.

The second visit was to "Maurice Naber" dairy farm which has around 300 dairy head. The farm manager; Mr. Adnan Iqneibi; gave students a detailed explanation about the herd and its sections, how it is managed and the dairy farming status in Dhulail area which has most of dairy cows in Jordan. The visit included also an interesting discussion with the students about the opportunities and qualifications of students required to work in this vital sector.​