Education and Research

Feed Analysis Lab:

There are three feed analysis labs in the Animal Production Department where these labs analyze animal feed samples using proximate analysis which includes analysis of moisture, ash, crude fat, crude protein and fiber in addition to analysis of neutral detergent fibers and acid detergent fibers (NDF and ADF). We also analyze milk samples with its various components, using the latest equipment. In addition, we teach students a lab specialized in analyzing feed with various standards. The lab is under the supervision of Prof. Hosam Titi.

Reproductive Physiology and AI Lab:

A lab designated for teaching purposes for students at the Department of Animal Production within the subject of reproduction and artificial insemination for undergraduates, as well as for research purposes for faculty and research staff members and for graduate students in the field of physiology, reproductive physiology and associated techniques. The laboratory includes many devices and tools dedicated to this, such as: Bio-safety cabinet, CO2 incubator, ELISA, Centrifuges, Radioimmunoassay, specialized Microscopes …etc. The lab is under the supervision of two faculty members in the Department of Animal Production; Prof. Mufeed Alnimr, Dr. Mohamed Abedal-Majed, and the lab supervisor Ahmad Shamoun.

 Reproductive Physiology Lab / Animal Production​
Animal Environmental Physiology Lab:

A research and teaching lab within the Department of Animal Production is concerned with teaching the practical part of the physiology of the environment of farm animals for undergraduate students, in which many researches are carried out for faculty and research staff and for graduate students. The lab includes a poultry cage unit, a mini incubator, an environment and temperature control unit, in addition to many other devices. The lab is under the supervision of Prof. Abdul-Rahman Al-Fataftah, Prof. Anas Abdelkader, Dr. Mohannad Abu Ajamiea and lab supervisor Zainab Mahasneh.​

 Animal Environmental Physiology Lab​