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Facts And Figures


Number of students in the school of Agriculture

Ph.DMasterBachelorProgram Name
3803015335Horticulture and crop science
276--276Landscape and Floriculture
2941017267Animal production
5623037495Human nutrition and diabetics
4232221380Food science and technology
179392138Land, water and environment
22702225Agricultural economics and agribusiness
Plant protection​

Number of graduated students from the school of Agriculture in the last 3 years:


                    Graduation year


Program Name

Bachelor degree
26110983691.    Horticulture and crop science
1385243432.    Landscape and Floriculture
1384546473.    Animal production
3791091271434.    Human nutrition and diabetics
21210344655.    Food science and technology
783326196.    Land, water and environment
1003536297.    Agricultural economics and agribusiness
1525451478.    Plant protection
    Master degree
84049.      Horticulture and crop science
 On study bench10.   Biotechnology
400411.   Animal production
356191012.   Human nutrition and diabetics
2059613.   Food science and technology
110014.   Land, water and environment
200015.   Agricultural economics and agribusn.
202016.   Plant protection
    Ph.D degree
751117.   Horticulture and crop science
220018.   Animal production
16103319.   Human nutrition and diabetics
1371520.   Food science and technology
1052321.   Land, water and environment
220022.   Plant protection