School's Acheivements

Faculty Level21 Sep, 2023
Accreditation Acheivement


Faculty Level01 Jan, 2012

More than 281 manuscripts in the field of  biotechnology  were published in referred  journals during the past ten years  to provide community  with highly educated and trained candidates to develop food production, safety and bio_security. ...

Faculty Level06 Jan, 2011
dairy heifers

Agriculture Engineers Association...

Staff Level22 Jun, 2010
The award for distinguished scientific research (Financial reward)

Awarded by Deanship of  Scientific Research at the University of Jordan...

Faculty Level06 Jan, 2009
Aflatoxin Decontamination

The Donor:
Arab organization for agricultural development...

Faculty Level06 Jan, 2007
Dairy Cows

The Donor:
Agriculture Engineers Association...

Staff Level15 Jun, 2005
Awards and Scholarship

Done by: Dr. Hamzah Al-Qadiri...

Staff Level04 May, 2004
Conference Scholarship Award

Done by: Dr. Hayder Al- Domi...

Staff Level15 Apr, 2004
Award of the Best Authored Nutrition Book for the Period 2003-2004

Done by: Dr. Hamed Takruri, Dr. Salma Tukan...

Staff Level06 Apr, 2003
Ph.D. Scholarship

Done by: Dr. Hamzah Al-Qadiri...

Staff Level24 Mar, 2002
The First Prize for Best Published Articles in Nutrition and Food Science

Awarded by Agricultural Engineers Association in the First Scientific Competition for Food and Nutrition
Done by:Dr. Hamed Takruri ...

Staff Level22 May, 2001
Award of the Best Arab Researchers in Nutrition

Done by: Dr. Hamed Takruri...

Staff Level04 May, 2001
Recipient of Highest Academic Achievement Award for Masters Program in Nutritional Sciences

Awarded by: Howard Unversity, Washington, D.C.
Done by: Dr. Rima Mashal...

Faculty Level
lactating dairy cows

The donor:
Agriculture Engineers Association...

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