School's Academic Staff

Mahmud DwairiProfessorHorticulture and Crop Science
Abdulmajeed Al Tal ProfessorHorticulture and Crop Science
Mohammad Suwwan ProfessorHorticulture and Crop Science
Fahmi ShatatProfessorHorticulture and Crop Science
Bassam SnobarProfessorHorticulture and Crop Science
Nasri HaddadProfessorHorticulture and Crop Science
Ramzi Khalil SharaihaProfessorHorticulture and Crop Science
Mohammad Ali OmariProfessorHorticulture and Crop Science
Mohammad Abdelhadi Al Omari Associate ProfessorHorticulture and Crop Science
Nazir A. Al-HadidiAssociate ProfessorHorticulture and Crop Science
Talal ThaljiAssociate ProfessorHorticulture and Crop Science
Khalil ShawabkehAnimal Production
Shakeeb Abdolraheem ProfessorAnimal Production
Wadee LubadahProfessorAnimal Production
Mohammad HarbProfessorAnimal Production
Ali Kamel SaedProfessorNutrition and Food Technology
Khader Al-MasriProfessorNutrition and Food Technology
Ahmad Al-FaqeehProfessorNutrition and Food Technology
Salma TukanProfessorNutrition and Food Technology
Hamed Rabah TakruriProfessorNutrition and Food Technology
Malik HaddadinAssociate ProfessorNutrition and Food Technology
Sudki KhaderProfessorLand Water and Environment
Muhammad Shatanawi ProfessorLand Water and Environment
Anwar M. BattikhiProfessorLand Water and Environment
Awni Yaqub TaimehProfessorLand Water and Environment
Sayed Khalil KhattariProfessorLand Water and Environment
Taleb Abu-ShararProfessorLand Water and Environment
Butros HattarAssociate ProfessorLand Water and Environment
Deafallah BadarnehAssociate ProfessorLand Water and Environment
Mohammad Hashem StietiyaAssistant ProfessorLand Water and Environment
Mahmoud Ali Salem ProfessorAgricultural Economics and Agribusiness
Mohammad Sameer Al HbabProfessorAgricultural Economics and Agribusiness
Ahmad Shukri Al Remawi ProfessorAgricultural Economics and Agribusiness
Mohammad Rafeeq Hamdan ProfessorAgricultural Economics and Agribusiness
Amer Jabareen Associate ProfessorAgricultural Economics and Agribusiness
Hussein Falah Al-QudahAssociate ProfessorAgricultural Economics and Agribusiness
Waleed Abo Gharbieh ProfessorPlant Protection
Nai'm SharafProfessorPlant Protection
Abdullah Al-MusaProfessorPlant Protection
Akel MansourProfessorPlant Protection
Barakat Abu IrmeilehProfessorPlant Protection
Hifzi Abu Blan ProfessorPlant Protection
Ibrahim NazerProfessorPlant Protection
Jamal R. QasemProfessorPlant Protection
Hamed M. H. KhalifProfessorPlant Protection
Mazen AkkawiAssociate ProfessorPlant Protection