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  • 12 - Mar
  • 2023

The department of Animal Production organize a lecture about “Practical Feeding of Dairy Cows”

The Department of Animal Production had organized on last Thursday a new lecture for the undergraduate students about Practical Feeding of Dairy Cows under the supervision of Eng. Mohammed Al-Khateeb, the manager of Elayyan dairy farm and the specialist and consultant in dairy feeding and management at Global Advanced Consultation, with the direct coordination by Prof. Mufeed Alnimer and the department head Dr. Mohannad Abu Ajamieh.

Eng. Al-Khateeb in his lecture had talked about the basic data that are necessary to know for feeding dairy cows, the common types of feedstuffs used in Jordanian dairy farms and the characteristics of them, the importance of application the Feed Quality Control system in dairy farms, and the common Feeding Systems used in Jordanian dairy farms.

It is worth noting that Eng. Al-Khateeb is a previous graduate of the Department of Animal production in 1990s and he had worked before as a manager for Al-Khalidia Modern Cow Farm (Hammoudeh), Al-Maraei Jordan “Teeba" and a manager for dairy farms in Syria and Lebanon.

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