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  • 31 - Mar
  • 2024

School of Agriculture hosted Professor Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jubouri

Within the framework of communication and cooperation with expert academics in the agricultural sector, the School of Agriculture hosted Professor Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jubouri, former professor of Entomology and Acarology   at the University of Baghdad and former president of the Arab Society for Plant Protection, with the aim of guiding  students of the School of Agriculture with functional skills to be in line with the requirements of the agricultural market and keeping pace with rapid technological developments at exactly ten o'clock in the morning on Sunday, 3/21/2024, in the large amphitheater in the School of Agriculture, where he was welcomed by the Dean of the School of Agriculture, Professor Dr. Ayed Al-Abdallat, the Deputy Dean, Professor Dr. Nihad Smairat, and the Assistant Dean for Graduate Affairs.

The Dean welcomed Professor Dr. Al-Jubouri and pointed out that it is an honor to host a scientist in the agricultural field preparing students for the job market, and stressed the importance of career preparation for university students.

The meeting was attended by a number of   senior students from all specializations run by the School of Agriculture, Professor Dr. Deputy Dean, Dean Assistants, faculty members, and the Office of Graduate Affairs. The discussion revolved around career preparation for Bachelor students, where the guest spoke about the broad fields in which a graduate of the Agriculture schools, especially plant protection, horticulture, and crops, can work, and how an agricultural engineer can take advantage of the opportunities afforded to him in all fields related to agriculture in general. The guest lecturer also advised students, based on his personal experiences, on how a graduate of Agriculture schools can begin the journey of searching for work with optimism in his sights, and not depending on others, but rather be an effective producer always and forever.