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Program Specifications

Master in Animal Production (Thesis Track) / Program Overview

​​Background to the program and subject area:

The department faculty is a group of outstanding scientists in all animal production fields, dedicated to bring out the best in students and enhance their research and academic potentials. Our curriculum deals with the academic and applied aspects of animal research. The department concentrates on research oriented towards increasing animal productivity in Jordan.

Vision statements of the program:

To be recognized as one of the top academic departments in the region offering master of science degree in animal production and to be the regional leader in teaching, research and in all fields of animal production.

Mission statements of the program:

To develop human and natural resources and transfer of knowledge for the development of livestock sector at the local and regional levels through the excellence in teaching, researching, training and extensions.

Program Aims:

1. Provide the local market and specially the scientific research institutions with distinguished graduate in animal production.

2. Conduct scientific research in the various fields of animal production and implement its outcomes in commercial settings.

3. Improve management potentials of animal production farms and project

4. Work on the development of laws and legislation related to the livestock sector.

5. Collaborate with the governmental and private sectors to solve the problems of animal production.