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Program Specifications

Master in Animal Production (Thesis Track) / Program Intended Learning Outcomes

​It is expected that the program will provide opportunities for students to develop and demonstrate knowledge and understanding, skills and other properties in the following fields:

1. Create and implement plans, programs and systems to help in the development of animal production.

2. Work in research institutions and conduct research applied research to tackle current issues in animal production.

3. Demonstrate effective communication skills with livestock producers especially at a local level to provide the appropriate extension services.

4. Have an ability to implement the results of scientific studies to take the appropriate decisions

5. Utilize critical thinking capabilities and problem solving skills in providing solution for outstanding issues facing the livestock sector in Jordan.

6. Have the ability to work as a manager in the animal production companies and enterprises.

7. Draw strategies and working plans to improve efficiency and productivity.

8. Have the ability to perform scientific projects under the supervision of faculty members.

9. Have scientific writing capabilities and use of scientific literature.

10.   Lead technical teams of different animal production enterprises.

11. Have the ability to identify the basic concepts, processes, and methods of conducting scientific research.

12. Develop the writing ability of technical reports .