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Program Specifications

Bachelor in Land, Water and Environment / Facilities and laboratories

​​ The department uses the teaching facilities in the department, the school, according to the accreditation standards. The teaching facilities are equipped with all the necessary equipment for teaching from the data show instruments, smart boards and white boards. The following facilities and laboratories are also available:

1. Seminar Hall: The hall can accommodate 25 students. It is used for teaching courses of the third and fourth year. Also used for department meetings and for graduate students' meetings. The room is equipped with a smart board and a white board. The department is currently seeking to refurbish the hall and provide it with a small library for students.



Facility Name

20  Students

GIS Laboratory

20  Students

Laboratory preparation and teaching of soil science

15  Students

Soil physics laboratory

15  Students

Soil Chemistry Lab

15  Students

Water Laboratory

10  Students

Atomic Absorption Laboratory

25  Students

Soil microbiology Laboratory