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Program Specifications

Bachelor in Land, Water and Environment / Tools and Equipment

Tools and equipment

 Modern facilities in the field of GIS remote sensing, such as computers, GPS devices and surveying devices, as well as satellite images and old and modern aerial photographs


Collection of hardcopy and digital maps of the soils of Jordan with different scales, in addition to a valuable archive of the Kingdom's topographic maps



High-spec computers, specialized software (ArcGIS), colour printers and a plotter, as well as a scanner for large maps



An augers, sieves and stirrer, ceramic plates and pressure membranes, drying oven and electronic balances, as well as moisture meters such as TDR, and many tensioners


Atomic Absorption AA 700 and 80


Centrifuges, high-precision electronic balances, gas chromatographs, tension infiltrometer, water distillation device spectrophotometer and flame photometer


Incubators, sterilization and counting of soil microorganisms