School of Agriculture:: The University of Jordan ::

Program Specifications

Bachelor in Food science and Technology / Tools and Equipment

·       Fats and oils lab:

o   HPLCs

o   GC

·       Fruit and vegetable analysis lab:

o   Spectrophotometer

o   Polarimeter

o   Colorimeter

·       Sensory evaluation lab:

o   Panelist booths

·       Meat technology lab:

o   Burger-making machine

·       Food microbiology lab:

o   Colony counters

o   Penetrometer

o   Stomachers

o   Autoclaves

·       Food preservation and processing research lab:

o   Freeze dryer

o   Rancimat device (fat rancidity)

o   Spectrohpotometer

o   Farinograph

o   Refractometer

o   Cereal analysis lab:

o   Grain moisture analyzer

o   Labofix grain cleaner

o   Glutein washer

o   Brabender grain mills

o   Amylograph

o   Falling number device

o   Hummer mill

·       Food biotechnology lab

o   Scanning Densitometer

o   Dissolved Oxygen Meter

o   Deionizer Ionizer Mark

o   Flame Photometer

o   Fluorimeter

o   Fourior Trans Form Infrad

o   Viscosimeter

o   Water Distillation App

o   PCR

o   Gel electrophoresis apparatus

o   Laminar flow hood cabinet

o   Muffle Furnace

o   Ultra-torrox

o   Supercritical Fluid

·       Food analysis lab:

o   HPLC

o   Spectrophotometers

o   Kjeldahl system

·       Pilot food production lines:

o   Yogurt production line

o   Cheese production line

o   Olive pickling line

o   Olive oil pressing line

·       ​Nutritional Biochemistry Lab.:

o   Spectrophotometer

o   ​Centrifuge