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Program Specifications

Ph.D in Land, Water & Environment / Program Overview

The PhD program was established in 2003 in the land, water and environmental sectors. of Agriculture and Engineering as wells  the Master of Environmental Science graduates are accepted in the program. The main themes of the program include water and land management and use, as well as environmental management and dealing with local and global environmental problems related to the land and water sectors, such as desertification, climate change, drought, irrigated agriculture and misuse of agricultural resources. Students can also work on research topics related to the problems of the agricultural sector including pollution of soil and water, land use planning and the use of GIS and remote sensing for the management, irrigation water management, treated wastewater reuse and control of water and the environment.


The program includes a selection of faculty and department members. The program allows students to choose a research project related to the department's specializations, thus, multidisciplinary approach is adopted in solving water and environmental problems. Graduates of the program work in the fields of education in public and private universities, in scientific research centres of different ministries, in addition to local, regional and international organizations.


Ø Vision statements of the program:

The vision of the program includes three main themes as follows:

1.    Promoting values: through economic, social and environmental development aimed to a multicultural world.

2.    Promote ideas that lead to the advancement of society through discoveries, innovation, research, scholarship and creative activities

3.    To promote agricultural and economic development through the preparation of cadres capable of advancing scientific research and agricultural education.


Ø Mission statements of the program:

    To enrich human knowledge and raise the efficiency of the students of the University of Jordan through teaching, research, creative activity, awareness and good service with high standards and professional quality in the field of land, water and the environment.


Ø Program Aims:

1.    Preparing and training distinguished Ph.D graduates for the local, regional and international labour marked staff for the labour market in the land, water and environment sectors

2.    Conducting basic and applied scientific research and providing innovative solution to achieve the development objective of the Jordanian agricultural and environmental sectors.

3.    Increase the scientific production in the department by conducting research and high quality experiments related to land, water and environment.

4.    Introducing new concepts and up to date methods related to land and water resources

5.    Participating in tackling the problems of water scarcity, environmental pollution all over the Kingdom by adopting appropriate scientific methods.

6.    Keeping up with the international development in land, water and environment.