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Program Specifications

Master in Biotechnology / Practical Training & Field Experience

There is no field training plan in the Master Biotechnology program, but a practical training is required in specialized laboratories within the program in several areas such as:
1.    The use of bacteria in the production of bio fertilizers (bio fertilizers) instead of using chemical fertilizers
2.    The use of microorganisms such as bacteria as a vector of some genes that carry the desired qualities.
3.    The possibility of transferring the genes of some desired traits (such as tolerance of temperature and lack of water from desert plants) to other plants.
4.    Control the sizes and shapes of fruits and plants in general (increase the size and change the color and shape as desired).
5.    The possibility of raising the nutritional value of a crop by adding some genetic traits of other crops.
6.    Double the amount of crops produced and reduce the time required for growth and thus help to eliminate famine and high food prices.