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Program Specifications

Ph.D in Human Nutrition and Dietetics / Program Overview

  • Background to the program and subject area:

The University of Jordan is the first educational institution in Jordan that offers a PhD program in the field of nutrition and human dietetics. This was done in the second semester of the academic year 2008/2009. Before that, the Department of Nutrition and Food Processing was offering a joint program for the PhD in nutrition and food processing. In order to obtain a doctorate degree in human nutrition and diets, the student must study 36 credit hours (16 hours of compulsory subjects and 9 hours of elective subjects) in addition to passing the qualification exam and submitting a thesis in the field of human nutrition (18 hours). The graduate students of the program have proved to be a great success in both inside and outside Jordan.
  • ​  Vision statements of the program:
   To be pioneers and innovators in the field of human nutrition in Jordan while working hard to get the excellence at all levels: local, regional and global.
  •   Mission statements of the program:
  To improve health throughout life span through research, education and leadership in the fields of basic and clinical human nutrition sciences, community nutrition and education. 
  •   Program Aims:
1. Conducting scientific research and academic work in the fields of human nutrition sciences. 
2. Participating in the development of policies and decision-making in the areas of health and human nutrition.
 3. Providing technical and scientific consultations for local and regional institutions in the  fields of human nutrition sciences.
4. Providing quality and professional services in the fields of human nutrition sciences.