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Program Specifications

Ph.D in Food science and Technology / Program Details

Program Title:
Food science and technology / PhD
Program Code:
Level of Study:
Doctorate Degree
Final Qualification:
Doctorate Degree
Nutrition and Food Technology
Other Department(s) involved in teaching the program:
Animal Production Department /Department of Horticulture and Crop Science
Mode of Attendance ) e.g., full time):
Full time
Duration of the Program:
8 semesters
Credit hours/ contact hours:
Language of Instruction:
Entrance Requirements:
First: General Rules & Conditions:
1. This plan conforms to valid regulations of the programs of graduate   
2. Specialties of Admission:
  -   The First priority:   M.Sc. in Food Science and Technology
-   The Second priority:   M.Sc. in Nutrition and Food    
  -   The Third priority: B.Sc. in Nutrition and Food Technology at the same   
      time has M.Sc. in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering or Biological
     Science or Management.
3.    Admission policies: The First Policy will be adopted.
Second:   Special Conditions: None.
Third:       Study Plan: Studying ( 54 ) Credit Hours
Program regulations:
For instructions on success and failure, evaluation and other instructions, a detailed instructions link:
No. of approval by the Ministry of Higher Education:
Date of approval by the Ministry of Higher Education:
Date of Production:
2008 – 2009
Date of Revision:
Program Director:
P rof. Ghadeer Mehyar / Email :
Phone:   00962 5355000-6- Ext.: 22421