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Program Specifications

Ph.D in Food science and Technology / Employability

Fields of work for the graduates

Graduates of the department can work in various fields, their scientific background in the field of food science and nutrition qualifies them to do so. The following are the main areas of work for graduates    inside and outside Jordan:
Institutions where these fields are available
Working Fields
Greater Amman Municipality laboratories, Municipalities, Customs, Ministries of Health, Industry and Trade, University Laboratories, Aviation Institutions, and Consulting Companies.
1- Food analysis and   
    quality control
Jordan Standards and Metrology Organization, Ministries of Industry, Commerce, Customs and Health and Arab Organization for Standardization and Metrology.
2- Food Standards and
Various food factories such as dairy, canned food factories, oils, biscuits and other food industries.
3- Food Industry
    (Production and quality control)     
Colleges and schools of the Ministry of Education and colleges and universities.
4- Education
Consultancy companies concerned with researches and consultations, Qualification, implementation and certification of conformity.
5- Consultation