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Program Specifications

Ph.D in Food science and Technology / Program Intended Learning Outcomes

1- Acquire in-depth knowledge about food science, scientific theories and methods associated   with food science and technology.   

  2- Assess and analyse different theories, methods and processes in research and academic development projects – also from an international perspective.

3- Contribute to the development of new knowledge, new theories and methods in food    science and technology   
4- Formulate issues, and plans and conduct research and academic development work of high international calliper within the field .   
5- Utilize the scientific equipment, instruments and analysis tools and be familiar with  equipment.   
  6- Master relevant statistical methods and conduct original research that lead to new knowledge  that can be published in international peer-reviewed  journals.   
  7- Handle complexity, create an overview, and synthesize scientific information, and perform    critical assessments and give constructive criticism on  scientific work.
8- Disseminate research results orally and in writing, in both scientific and popular scientific  forums.   
  9- Conduct research with professional and ethical integrity, identify and evaluate relevant   environmental and ethical issues in food sector.  
10- Perform risk assessments, and take health, safety and environmental aspects into   consideration.   

11- Participate in multidisciplinary complex assignments and projects and teach students in the field of food science and technology. ​