School of Agriculture:: The University of Jordan ::

Program Specifications

PhD in Animal Production / Facilities and laboratories

1. The department oversees five laboratories for teaching and research purposes:

·         Feed analysis lab

·         Reproduction and artificial insemination lab

·         Environmental physiology lab

·         Poultry production lab

·         Poultry diseases lab.

2. University Research Station for Arid Agriculture in Muwaqar:

·         Poultry Production Unit consisting of four poultry houses: cage layer, house, broiler house, pullet rearing house (floor rearing), and environmentally-controlled house. The unit also contains a slaughtering facility, feed mill, and feed storage area.

·         Natural rangeland with an area of 50,000 m2 for research in range animal nutrition, range ecology, grazing management, and for water harvesting projects.

3. University Research Station for Agricultural Research in Jordan Valley:

·         Dairy Cattle Production Unit

·         Sheep and Goat Production Unit

·         Poultry Production Unit

·         Milking Parlor

·         Feed Storage Facilities

·         Feed Mill

.         ​Poultry Slaughter House