Facts And Figures


The Faculty of Agriculture was established in 1972 by Royal Decree.

Faculty Members:

The teaching staff of the Faculty of Agriculture totaled 87 members in 2012/2013 (46 Professors, 23 ِAssociate Professors,16 Assistant Professors and 2 Lecturers).


The number of graduates from all programs has totaled 8425 (7196 from the B.Sc. Programs, 958 from the M.Sc programs, 158 from high diploma program and 113 from Ph.D programs).

Enrolled Students:

Currently, 1405 students are enrolled at the undergraduate level at the faculty for the year 2012/2013. The number of students enrolled at the graduate level is 141 students (90 at M.Sc level and 51 at P.hD. level)

School of Agriculture

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