Research And Development

Research And Development


Acadaemic Staff

Current Researches


Ahmad  Faqih



Basem Al-Abdullah

·          A Survay of N-nitrosamines in Meat and Meat-Contaning Foods and Their Reduction Using Different Treatments and Additives

·          Studing the Functional role of Sumac as an Ingredient in Mortadella Processing

·          Applications of HACCP system to mortadella production.

·          Body weight, growth rate and meat characteristics of Awassi, Chios and Crossbred lamps


Hamed Rabah Takruri

·         Studies on the nutritional status of some micronutrients in Jordan.

·         Dietary guides for Jordanians.

·         The Nutritional Status of North Badiya Women,

·         Study of vitamin B12 deficiency in healthy asymptomatic volunteers in Jordan: exploration of the etiology and evaluating the size of the problem


Hamzah Al-Qadiri



Hayder  Al-Domi

·         Project: Measuring resting metabolic rate (RMR) using indirect calorimetry system (IDCS)  among overweight/obese students of the University of Jordan (OOSUJ).

·         Project: Effect of GLP-1 receptor agonist, exercise, and high-fat diet on body fat mass, blood glucose levels, and GLP-1 levels in obese-diabetic C57BL/6J mice.

·         Development and characterization of a novel bovine milk protein composed of bovine serum albumin and bovine insulin: A possible potent diabetogen.

·         Obesity among Jordanian children: Eating practices and genetic predisposition.

·         Association of dietary intake of hydrogenated fats (Trans fatty acids) and coronary heart disease risk in Jordan

·         Relationship between Certain Pro-inflammatory Biomarkers and Body Composition in a Group of Overweight Students at The University of Jordan

·         Relationship between Impaired Glucose Tolerance and Selected Risk Factors in a Group of Obese Adolescent Students Aged 15-17 Years in Amman, Jordan.

·         Evaluation  of Serum Estrogen, Ghrelin and Leptin Levels and their Relationship to Body Composition in a Group of Female Students at the University of Jordan aged 18-25 years.


Khalid Al-Ismail



Khader El-Masri

·         Study the effect of media and nutrition extension on eating behavior and food consumption among Jordanian households

·         Study the effect of dietary Calcium on blood glucose in a group of Jordanian women

·         Nutritional status assessment in the community. An academic book Effect of intakes of dairy calcium and calcium supplements on body weight and fat in a group of Jordanian women


Rima Mashal



Salma Tukan

·         Development of standardized recipes for selected traditional and local foods


Ayed S. Amr



Ali Kamil Alsaed

·         concetrating and drying of whey and the use of the produced in confectionery and bread

·         Effect of quality and quantity of irrigation water on the sensory and physico-chemical quality of Jordanian olive oil

·         Developing of an olive fruit grading machine: effect of olive variety and fruit diameter on the physical, chemical and sensory properties of olive oil effect of withholding irrigation for olive trees on the quality of olive oil


Ghadeer F. Mehyar

·         Development of edible coatings to extend the “khalal” maturity stage and the keeping quality of fresh Barhi dates

·         Effect of microencapsulation of cardomom’s (Elettaria cardamomum) essential oils in biopolymers on its stability when packaged alone or within medium roasted medium Turkish coffee

·         تأثير موعد القطاف ودرجة حرارة التخزين على طول فترة الخلال في البلح البرحي الطازج

·         Control of molds growth and formation of aflatoxins production in peanut using chitosan coating containing potassium sorbate


Malik Haddadin



Maher Al-dabbas

·         Antioxidant, antibacterial and cytotoxic activities of some naturally isolated  phenolic compounds from varthemia (Varthemia iphionoides)          2009

·         The relation between the chemical composition and the acid-base buffering capacities of certain selected foods and antacid home preparations 2010

·         Studies of the chemical composition of Moringa  peregrina (Frossk) seeds and the biological evaluation of certain leave extracts and isolated compounds


Mohammed  Yamani

·           Investigation of the use of Probiotic Bacteria in the Production of Labaneh


Mousa  Ahmad