Ph.D in Land, Water & Environment
Program Description :Department of Land, Water and Environment ILOs of the PhD Program It is expected from the students after graduating from the PhD program to: 1- Evaluate scientific theories and factors affecting the productivity of land, water and environment. 2- Analyze and evaluate the interactions between natural and biological, chemical and human components of the environment. 3- Develop and evaluate alternatives and solutions for the management of land and water through scientific analysis of the data and the application of scientific methods. 4- Distinguish and evaluate the impacts of different social motivator and environmental factors on agricultural and environmental sectors. 5- Design and implement sustainable solutions to the farmers and the country with respect to land, water and environment. 6- Write and publish findings of scientific research in peer-reviewed journals. 7- Possess and apply knowledge and technology-based solutions to problems of land, water and environment. 8- Develops new ideas in the field of specialization in a way that reflects creativity, independence and leadership. 9- Adheres to the ethics of scientific research with sufficient competence to address environmental issues with responsibility and neutrality.
Program Type :Postgraduate
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Program Department :Land Water and Environment

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